“Take your time, choose your mover wisley”.-What does this mean?

This phrase was coined by our owner, Mark O’Laker, and is one that we stick by when we talk to customers about our services. We always tell our customers to get at least 3 estimates for their move. We like to explain to our customers about how they can find out about other companies and how to go about researching those companies and what to look for in a company before they choose one. Red flags are common in this industry and we like to educate our potential customer on what to watch out for. There are so many moving companies to choose from and it can be confusing to customers, especially ones that have never used a moving company before. Whether i’ts long distance or local moves, it still pays to have the correct information to make an informed decision and not be stuck with a company that doesn’t care about the customer’s time, money, or belongings. 


To me, this phrase means to not only take your time, but weigh all of the pros and cons of each company that you have researched before you reach your final decision. I always recommend my customers to check on the Better Business Bureau website, look at Sunbiz.org to check licensing information and also check protectyourmove.gov for interstate moves. Checking reviews online can be a good step, but when a company does a ton of moves every year, they are bound to have an issue or two with a customer and get a couple of bad reviews. It happens. We try to address those reviews the best we can, but it doesn’t mean we can get it taken off the internet. Always take reviews off the internet with a grain of salt. Anyone can say anything and it may not always be true. Case and point, rival companies have been known to post bad reviews of companies that they are in competition with, as well as some companies post good reviews of their company to try and make them look better than they really are. So those are really hard to use to judge a company on the service that they will provide for you.

In closing, “Take your time, choose your mover wisely” is a good motto for our company and how we conduct business. Don’t be hasty in choosing a moving company, do your research so that any customer can make an informed decision on choosing the right moving company to suit their needs.